“What a wonderful CD!  All of it is lovely and such an expression of your life and artistry.  The sound is great you sound wonderful”

Mark Winkler, platinum award winning recording artist/songwriter


“Claudia Koval’s second CD, “Songs From the Raggedy Road”, not only features her lovely voice but her composing.  She wrote or co-wrote

8 of the 11 songs, and arranged all but one selection.  The program includes jazz pieces, ballads, a bossa-nova and melodic originals that

are beyond simple classification”

Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene


“Claudia Koval has a smooth, creamy voice that lends itself well to singing standards - with delicate delivery featuring gentle jazz licks,

Precise enunciation and a slight quaver in her voice that adds to the emotional arc of each song”

Elliot Zwiebach, Cabaret Scenes magazine